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the Jasmine blouse – English

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Jasmine is a wrapped kimono blouse with puffed sleeves. It is tied on the sides, inside and outside, with small straps that you can replace with ribbons. In its sewn version with belt, it can be tied in several ways, at the front or at the small of the back. The blouse can be made with half-length or long sleeves. Choose a medium weight fabric for a good volume of the sleeves.

Level : The Jasmine pattern is easily accessible to seamstresses of all levels, even beginners. The step-by-step instructions will accompany you throughout the making.

Sizes : Pattern from 32 to 48 (corresponds to 8-24, US sizes)

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Fabric advice:

It is possible to make Jasmine in most fabrics: crepe, viscose, poplin, fine wool or velvet for cool days or parties. Choose a fabric with a nice drape so that the sleeves and gathers have volume.

The pattern in PDF format includes:

  • The full size pattern sheet, graded from 32 to 48, margins included and without edges to be cut, to be printed in A4 format.
  • The illustrated explanation booklet including:
    • step by step diagram
    • supplies, yardage of the fabric according to the size and the version chosen
    • the size guide and advice on choosing sizes,
    • fabric advice, sewing advice and pattern adjustment,
    • the cutting plan of the parts and the assembly plan of the 16 sheets of the pattern.

Sizes: from 32 to 48. Discover the patterns in the 48-60 range here.