The Isa dress pattern


With its V-neck and slender silhouette, Isa will be the perfect dress at any time of the day or evening. In a colored fabric during the day and in a satin or sequined fabric for the holidays, Isa will lend itself perfectly to all your creative projects.

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Sizes: Pattern from 32 to 48. Discover the patterns in sizes 48-60 here

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List of supplies:

  • The fabric of your choice (1m30 to 1m50 by 145cm in width depending on your size and the length chosen; 1m20 to 1m60 for 110cm in width);
  • A 40cm zip if your fabric is non-stretch;

Fabric advice: It is possible to make Isa in most fabrics: crepe, viscose, poplin, fine wool or velvet for cool days or parties.

The pattern in PDF format includes:

  • The full size pattern sheet, graded from 32 to 48, margins included and without edges to be cut, to be printed in A4 format.
  • The illustrated explanation booklet including:
    • step by step diagram
    • supplies, yardage of the fabric according to the size and the version chosen
    • the size guide and advice on choosing sizes,
    • fabric advice, sewing advice and pattern adjustment,
    • the cutting plan of the parts and the assembly plan of the 20 sheets of the pattern.

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