Tutorial : How to sew Eleonore

Tuto : How to sew Eleonore

List of material

✂ The fabric of your choice (find the yardage here). In this tutorial, the fabric is a silver metallic polyester ideal for sewing your party outfit ;

✂ Bias, here made in the same fabric: length around the neckline (+ a few cm of ease) ;

✂ Iron-on to cover the back ribbons if necessary ;

✂ Thread, a needle and your dear sewing machine ☺️ ;

✂ Find the pattern in the 32-48 range to download here and the pattern in the 48-60 range here;

Coudre étape par étape

1- Place the bias right sides together with the neckline, matching the markings, then pin all the way;

2- Sew the first fold of the bias with a straight stitch (the outermost fold of the neckline) then close the bias at the ends with a sewing stitch;

3- Fold the bias binding over the pleat lines twice on the wrong side then pin all along the neckline. Straight stitch a few millimeters towards the edge of the folded bias;

4- Create the frames at the sleeve heads. Assemble the sides of the dress as well as the sleeves;

5- Tuck the sleeves into the armholes and pull the basting thread until it absorbs the fabric of the sleeve head;

6- Finally, pin and stitch all along the armhole before turning the sleeves right side out;

7- Fold the back ribbon in half on the right side, pin the length and a width at 90° then sew with a straight stitch. Interfacing if necessary;

8- Turn the ribbons right side out then overcast the remaining open width, either with a serger or with a zigzag stitch;

9- Pin the ribbons at the top of the back neckline then sew with a straight stitch. Make this seam over the existing seam for a discreet result;

The final word :

At the bottom of the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress, preform the rolled hems with an iron to make them easier to sew;

Do not hesitate to extend the length of the ribbons if you want them to go down to the hollow of the waist, for example;