Tuto : How to sew Selma

Tuto : How to sew Selma

List of material

✂ The fabric of your choice (retrouvez le métrage ici). In this tutorial, the fabric is a rather heavy and fluid red polyester crepe, which gives a very nice drape to the flared skirt;

✂Bias, here made in the same fabric: length of the neckline (+ a few cm of ease) + length of the slit X2 (+ a few cm of ease) ;

✂ A button for the neck slit ;

✂ Thread, a needle and your dear sewing machine ☺️ ;

✂ Find the pattern in range 32-48 to download here and the pattern in range 48-60 here ;

Sewing step by step

1- Open the neck slit and place the middle of the bias at the corner, right sides together, then pin ;

2- Pin the bias evenly along the slit. Feel free to trim the ends if they seem too long;

3- Straight stitch the bias at the level of the first pleat (the outermost pleat in relation to the edge of the neckline);

4- Fold the bias “atride” the neckline on itself, respecting the fold lines. Pin the bias again;

5- Stitch the bias 1 or 2mm from the outer edge of the bias to finish assembling it;

6- Place the slit edges side to side and sew at 45° on the wrong side at the corner of the slit;

7- When the slit is finished, place the front of the dress right sides together with the back then assemble the sides and the shoulders;

8- Place the middle of the bias in the middle front of the dress, right sides together. Pin and straight stitch along the first fold of the bias;

9- Cut a rectangle of fabric about 6cm by 4. Fold it on itself to form a loop, which you will place at the edge of the slit;

10- Once the sleeves are assembled, insert them into the armholes, marking yourself with the side seam lines;

11- Stitch 1cm from the edge to sew the sleeves together, then turn them right side out;

12- Preform the rolled hems using an iron, pin the bottom of the sleeves and stitch with a straight stitch;

13- Do the same at the bottom of the dress;

14- Finally, sew the neck button on the opposite side of the buckle;