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The Alba dress


With its feminine and slender silhouette, Alba will sublimate you on any occasion. The choice of fabric in which you make it will define the occasion to wear it: for the holidays, a satin fabric, a fine velvet or even a sequined jersey; and in the spring, colored or patterned viscose and linen. The Alba pattern will follow you in all your projects! Alba can also be made in several versions: long dress, mini dress and top.

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Sizes: Pattern from 32 to 48. Discover the patterns in sizes 48-60 here

⬇️ ✂Supplies, footage, fabric advice, tutorial and information below ✂⬇️


List of supplies:

The fabric of your choice (1m10 to 1m60 by 145cm in width depending on your size and the length chosen for the dress; 1m30 to 1m70 for 110cm in width);
A zipper if your fabric is non-stretch (about 40cm for dress versions);

Fabric tips: It is possible to make Alba in most fabrics: crepe, viscose, poplin, satins. Choose a fabric with a nice drape so that the cowl neck holds a nice shape.


The pattern in PDF format includes:

The full size pattern sheet, graded from 32 to 48, margins included and without edges to be cut, to be printed in A4 format.
The illustrated explanation booklet including:
step by step diagram
supplies, yardage of the fabric according to the size and the version chosen
the size guide and advice on choosing sizes,
fabric advice, sewing advice and pattern adjustment,
the cutting plan of the parts and the assembly plan of the 12 sheets of the pattern.

Sizes: from 32 to 48. Discover the patterns in sizes 48-60 here

Level: The Alba pattern is easily accessible to all levels, even beginners. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by illustrations to outline each step. The pattern does not present any major complexity, it includes the possibility of sewing a facing for the cowl neck and a zipper on the side to easily put on the dress.

– Please note: MyCouturier patterns are exclusively dedicated to strictly personal use, any other use must be authorized –

Guide des tailles 📏

Tutoriel ✂️

Tutoriel du patron

Détails du patron 🌟

Le patron au format PDF inclut :

  • La planche du patron en taille réelle, gradée du 32 au 48, marges incluses et sans bords à découper, à imprimer au format A4.
  • Le livret d’explications illustrées comprenant :
          • le schéma des étapes pas à pas
          • les fournitures, métrage du tissu selon la taille et la version choisie
          • le guide des tailles et conseils sur le choix des tailles,
          • les conseils tissu, conseils de couture et d’ajustement du patron,
          • le plan de découpe des pièces et le plan du montage des feuillets du patron.

English patterns 🇬🇧

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